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Leadership Committee

Members and Roles of the Leadership Committee (LC) June 2017 - June 2018 
  • Lee Forbes: Advocacy Team; Spokesperson/Convener  
  • Frieda Gilvarg: Membership Team
  • Jennifer Howard: Advocacy Team
  • Ellen Kemp: Directory and Email List Coordinator; Treasurer
  • Rita Ludlum: Advocacy Team; Membership Team  
  • Chrystal Schivell: Advocacy Team; Convener/Spokesperson; Voter Service Chair
  • Sandy Shapiro: Advocacy Team; Webmaster
  • Sandy Smith: Advocacy Team; Convener/Spokesperson; Voter Service Team
Description of Roles
Advocacy Team: Chrystal, Jennifer, Lee, Rita, Sandy Shapiro, and Sandy Smith
  • Keeps list of local League positions 
  • Mentors members new to advocacy
  • Distributes information about LWVNJ and LWVUS advocacy campaigns
  • Handles letters to the editor and other action items for the LWVNJ standing committees
    • Education -- Chrystal
    • Fiscal Policy
    • Government -- Lee
    • Immigration
    • Natural Resources -- Sandy Shapiro
    • Women and Family Issues -- Sandy Smith
    • Young People's Network
Spokesperson/Convener: Chrystal, Lee, and Sandy Smith 
  • For business meetings: Develops and issues agenda; identifies issues for discussion; presides at meetings
    • September 12, 2017 business meeting: Lee
                            Focus on election and Voter Service plans
    • November 14, 2017: Leadership Committee/business meeting: Sandy
                            Plan for rest of year
    • January 9, 2018 business meeting: Lee
                            Program Planning
    • April 17, 2018 Leadership Committee/business meeting: Chrystal
                            Plan for next year
  • Speaks for the League in the community
Directory and Email List Coordinator: Ellen 
  • Maintains a member directory and email list 
  • Along with other members of the Leadership Committee, issues email communications to members
  • Books rooms for business meetings
League members will volunteer to support events, including:
  • Booking venue and coordinating refreshments
  • Liaison with other Leagues, to coordinate event when possible
  • Finding a speaker as needed
  • Publicity and invitations
  • Handouts or other materials 
Membership Team: Frieda and Rita 
  • Encourages members to build the League by inviting others to join 
  • Welcomes and involves new members, and orients them to League practices
  • Incorporates membership recruitment into League events
Secretary: meeting Conveners to share responsibility 
  • Keeps minutes of meetings and prepares meeting reports 
  • Coordinates with webmaster to prepare Vertical Response newsletters and webpage updates
Treasurer: Ellen
  • Develops budget and manages League funds 
  • Has authority to write checks and access all financial accounts
  • Oversees dues payment and renewals
Voter Service Team: Chrystal, Patricia, and Sandy Smith
  • Coordinates activities related to voter service, including debates (Chrystal), voter registration (Sandy), and preparation of Voters' Guides on Vote411.org (team)
  • Guides and supports Voter Service volunteers
Webmaster: Sandy Shapiro
  • Maintains an up-to-date website 
  • Coordinates website content to include meeting reports and announcements
  • Formats reports into Vertical Response email communication