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Communiversity 2014

Miss LibertyUncle Sam

The League had a good spot on Witherspoon Street and, like last year, offered voting—rewarded with an “I Voted” sticker—and the chance to dress as Lady Liberty or Uncle Sam. We aggressively handed out Fun Facts about the League and publicity about upcoming events; nevertheless, only three people signed up as interested in becoming members.
Counting the ballots
John and Chrystal Schivell and Nancy Hall set up the League table and staffed it all day with assistance from Beverly Kestenis and Sheila Mitchell. Over 90 youngsters voted for their favorite sport, fruit, zoo animal, and pizza topping. The overwhelming winners were swimming, strawberry, monkey, and extra cheese respectively - with a write-in vote for "normal" cheese. As youngsters voted, we chatted with their parents. Many took flyers but expressed no interest in joining. Only a few visitors wanted to dress up in costume. Communiversity can be a long, hard day with so few volunteers. It merits re-evaluation in terms of its benefits to League.

Community Housing Poster
VotingLWV-Princeton Area Table

Chrystal walks by the table