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League Newsletter April 2020

 Volume 34  Issue 3                                                                                                                                               Update  April 2020  

  In This Issue

  April Business Meeting

    Voter Service

    Mercer County Census 2020 Postcards
    Annual Dinner and Business Meeting

    Communication Plan

    Voter Girl


    National Convention
       and Centennial Celebration

    Planning for 2020-2021


  2020-21 Calendar

    Business Meetings

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020
    Tuesday, November 10, 2020

    Tuesday, January 12, 2021

    Tuesday, April 13, 2021

      Business meetings will take place
      from 7-9 PM in the
      West Windsor Library

    June 25 - June 28, 2020
      LWVUS Convention

    October 2020-: Date to be determined
      LWV-Princeton Area Annual Dinner




The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area

welcomes information
about issues

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Special Notes for Members
We wish you all well during this difficult time!
mcc census
The Annual Dinner has been postponed to late October, but voting to approve the Leadership Committee and the budget will take place via email in June.

Anyone willing to write postcard reminders to fill out the census should contact Sandy Smith immediately.

Let's get going on VOTE411 now, while we're locked down! Contact Chrystal Schivell.

April Business Meeting
Sandy Smith welcomed members of the Leadership Committee along with Toshi Abe and Kathleen Moriarty to a Zoom meeting organized by Jennifer Howard.

Mercer County Census 2020 Postcards
censusnj2020 2
It was agreed that LWV-Princeton Area, like the Lawrence League, would write personal notes on postcards to
be sent to Trenton residents in four key, low-performing, census tracts. A script urging residents to complete their census forms is available in English and Spanish. Sandy Smith will take charge of getting the postcards to and from interested members. Please contact her immediately.

Voter Service
Given Covid-19's impact on voting, the Leadership Committee will focus on updating voters and encouraging Vote-by-Mail. Cindy Gordon will write a press release to be sent to the media, local libraries, and other organizations, as well as posting it on

Vote411Chrystal Schivell reported that LWVNJ asked local Leagues to cover for all municipal and school board elections now scheduled for May 12. Chrystal took Paterson City Council and will cover the June Democratic race for Princeton Council and any other contested primaries in Mercer County on VOTE411. She hopes to hold a forum for candidates for Princeton Council, as well.

Annual Dinner and Business Meeting
The Annual Dinner has been postponed until late October. It was agreed that the Rita Ludlum Award will not be given this year, but will be awarded in May 2021, when we will have returned, we hope, to the usual pattern. The Business Meeting, however, cannot be postponed, but will not be conducted in person. The proposed Leadership Committee, the League's local positions, and budget for 2020-2021 must be approved by June 30.

The nominating Committee and Treasurer will create the needed documents. Members will receive the documents and a reminder about dues via email later this spring and will be asked to send in their votes so that we can have a quorum.

Communication Plan

Cindy Gordon reported that the mayors of each municipality in the Princeton Area League signed the proclamation honoring the League's 100th year. Publicity was good; photos of League members with mayors appeared in local media. The League was also featured in the Princeton Public Library's February "Community Partner Spotlight."

Cindy's plan to make the League the go-to resource for election information is bearing fruit. LWV-Princeton Area now has a relationship with the Princeton, Plainsboro, and West Windsor libraries and the Princeton YWCA. Although establishing relationships with local businesses is on hold during the pandemic, Cindy and Jeanne Turner will spearhead the effort to update voters and encourage voting by mail, perhaps asking newspapers for public service announcements about the League and VOTE411.

Voter Girl
VoterGirlProjectThe League and Girl Scouts' collaboration was a success. Jennifer Howard reported that her Daisy group explored the definition of "neighborhood," expanding it to the national level, voted on five issues, and saw the new voting machine to be used in Middlesex County. Kathleen Moriarty presented a STEM project at the event. Voter Girl received positive press and was fun and instructive for the Scouts.

Jeanne Turner again did Callathon for LWVNJ and received pledges of $700, a portion of which will come back to LWV-Princeton Area. Many thanks to Jeanne!

National Convention and Centennial Celebration, June 25-28 in Washington, DC
Sandy Smith and Kathleen Moriarty will be the voting delegates from LWV-Princeton Area. Jennifer Howard, who is also on the LWVNJ Board, will attend, voting status to be determined. It is not clear whether the convention can take place as scheduled. LWVUS will make an announcement.

Planning for Next Year
Meetings will take place at the West Windsor Library on September 8, November 10, January 12, and April 13, the second Tuesdays of those months, from 7-9 PM.

NJ-Counties-Map-158x300The September meeting will finalize plans for Voter Service, the focus of League work. LWVNJ would like to see the entire state covered on VOTE411--each municipal and school board election. Because there are no Leagues in some areas, volunteers from other Leagues are needed to cover the orphan races. Volunteers have already covered every county office in New Jersey! And in some counties (Mercer, Somerset, and Middlesex), every municipal office and school board election is covered. We want to finish the job.

Covering the entire state is not impossible now that email addresses are required of candidates. If a few members of each League took on two or three orphan races, we would do it! Chrystal Schivell can teach you how to use VOTE411. What a useful way to spend the quarantine! Contact her now, while we're stuck inside, to learn how to set up the races. We'll send questions to the candidates in the fall.

Visit our public Facebook page. Events will be posted there as well as on the Princeton Area website. Please invite your friends on Facebook to Like the page so that we can increase our followers.

Reminders about upcoming events will continue to be sent by email, but everyone should go to the League website and click on rss-button 

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