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League Newsletter January 2020

 Volume 34  Issue 2                                                                                                                                                Update  January 2020  

  In This Issue

   Business Meeting

   Membership and Dues

   Treasuer's Report and Planning

   Communications and PR  


   Voter Girl

   Centennial Luncheon

   Annual Meeting and Dinner

   LWVUS Program Planning

   LWVUS Convention

   See Is Me


V2020 Calendar

    Tuesday, January 14, 2020
    Tuesday, April 7, 2010

      Business meetings will take place
      from 7-9 PM in the
      Suzanne Patterson Building,    

   Saturday, March 7
      Voter Girl

   Sunday, March 22, 2020

      LWVNJ Centennial Luncheon

   May: Date to be determined
      LWV-Princeton Area Annual Dinner

  Thursday, June 25 - Sunday, June 28
      LWVUS Convention



The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area

welcomes information
about issues

in our League area and
encourages comments at




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Business Meeting
The January business meeting of the LWV-Princeton Area was filled with information and proposals, as well as a live-feed connection for those not able to attend. To hear a recording of the meeting, click here. For a printed summary of the meeting, click here.

Attention Members: Have you paid your dues?
Do you know anyone interested in joining League? We need just five more dues-paying members before January 31 to qualify for a second voting delegate to the LWVUS Convention. Please help if you can.

Treasurer's Report and Financial Planning
Ellen Kemp reported that the League's budget is still on track but, because we draw on our resources each year, we have only about five years left before our reserves run out. She suggested that we consider fundraising now and that we set up an on-line program to expedite payments. Click here for more details.

Communications and Public Relations
Cindy Gordon suggested that the LWV-Princeton Area pursue the following goals:
  • Make the League an integral part of the community--a resource to be called upon, for example, for voter registration.
  • Demonstrate our relevance in 2020 and overcome outdated perceptions about the League.
  • Attract new members from all demographics and increase participation from our current members.
  • Establish partnerships with other community organizations.
  • Have local governments issue proclamations honoring the League, especially during this, the LWV's 100th year. To see a sample proclamation, click here.
Please contact Cindy with your suggestions:

Jeanne Turner is developing ideas for fundraising from businesses, through their marketing budgets and promotional fundraisers. To read more about these suggestions, click here. To provide Jeanne with contact information or introductions to businesses, please email Jeanne at

Voter Girl
VoterGirlProjectKathleen Moriarty and Terri Flanagan have volunteered to represent the LWV-Princeton Area in helping with Voter Girl on the morning of Saturday, March 7, in Pitman, Plainfield, Woodland Park, and Brick Township. The event is a collaboration between the LWVUS and the Girl Scouts, in which scouts in grades two through seven earn citizenship badges. The girls meet local elected officials, learn to use a voting machine, and more. Members are encouraged to drop in to add encouragement. For more information click here or contact Susan Ferris at

Centennial Luncheon
Please join us to celebrate the League of Women Voters of New Jersey 100th Anniversary!
Save the Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020, 1 PM, Forsgate Country Club, Monroe Township.
Watch for further details.

Annual Meeting and Dinner
LWV-Princeton Area members are working on plans for our Annual Meeting and Dinner. Please watch your email for more information closer to May.

LWVUS Program Plannning
January meeting attendees supported continuing the Campaign for Making Democracy Work, which includes the areas of voing rights, redistricting, and more. To read more about the meeting discussion, click here.

LWVUS Convention
June 25-28, Hyatt Capital Hill, Washington, DC. If you are interested in attending, either as a voting delegate or League member, please tell a LWV-Princeton Area Leadership Committee member. It is recommended that you make room reservations at the Hyatt now.

She Is Me
 Frieda FB-post Anyone who met Frieda was swept up by her feisty spirit and passion to make democracy work for everyone. Born when women were just earning the right to vote, she was a lifelong advocate for both voter rights and women's causes. A Navy veteran (she joined the WAVES in WWII), she was a leader in the LWV-Princeton Area for 55 years, serving two terms as president. Frieda died recently, but her voice remains in all of us at the League.
  #sheismelwv       #lwv100       #votingrights    

Next LWV-Princeton Area Business Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2020,7-9 PM, Suzanne Patterson Building, Princeton
Sandy Smith, leader, planing for next year

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