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League Newsletter March 2013

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The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area
 Volume 27  Issue 3
  March 2013

  In This Issue

  Recent Activities
    Getting Acquainted
    Lobby Corps
    Moderator Training
    Membership and Leadership

  Upcoming Events
    LWVNJ Convention & Awards
    Annual Meeting & Dinner

    Membership Direectory
    Finances & Budget
    Monthly Reports


 2013 Calendar


  April 9
    LWV Princeton Area Meeting

  April 28

  May 4
    LWVNJ Convention

  May 14
    LWV Princeton Area Meeting

  June 10
    Annual Dinner Meeting



The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area

welcomes information
about issues

in our League area and
encourages comments at

Leadership Committee

    Frieda Gilvarg and Beverly Kestenis
Contact Person:  Rita Ludlum

    Nancy Hall and Sandy Smith
Publicity: Edith Neimark
Treasurer: Ellen Kemp
Voters' Service:
    Chrystal Schivell, Sandy Smith, and
    Lee Forbes
Member at Large: Anne Zeman
Webmaster: Sandy Shapiro



Recent Activities

Getting Acquainted
Members who attended the March meeting told about when and why they joined the League and described their most memorable League experiences, some of which were amazing. As a way to increase membership, LWVUS recommends that all members consistently tell their League stories to prospective members and ask them to join League. Learn more about telling your story!

Lobby Corps
LWVNJ needs members who are willing to visit the local offices of their legislators about twice a year to promote League positions. Recent “Learn to Lobby” workshops offered training that made lobbying not only seem doable, rather than intimidating, but also a great opportunity to take action on behalf of the League positions you care most about. Read more about being a League lobbyist.

Moderator Training
On March 9, LWV-Princeton Area hosted 11 women from throughout New Jersey for a four-hour training session by our own Linda Mather and Dawn Clarke, LWVNJ chair of Voter Service. Read more about the training session

Membership and Leadership Development (MLD)
The MLD Program is an initiative involving National, State, and some local Leagues, of which the Princeton Area is one. Its purpose is to boost participation of current members in League activities, increase membership, and strengthen leadership within our organization. Read about how the program works

Upcoming Events

Please save Sunday, April 28, 1:00 - 6:00 PM. We will hear on March 22 whether or not we have a table. Nancy Hall is in charge and will send out an email. If we do, we must be ready to swing into action. There are a number of specific jobs for which you are invited to volunteer. Please contact Nancy Hall at to join in. Read more about how you can volunteer.

LWVNJ Convention and Awards
All members, at their own expense, are welcome to attend the LWVNJ Convention, Saturday, May 4, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Conference Center at Mercer (on the grounds of Mercer County Community College). The League, however, will subsidize the cost for the three delegates who are entitled to vote. The Leadership Committee is planning to nominate, by March 28, the LWV of the Princeton Area for the Communications Award and possibly the Collaboration Award, two of four awards to be given at Convention. Read more about our applications.

Annual Meeting and Dinner
The Annual Meeting will take place Monday, June 10 at the Salt Creek Grille in Princeton Forrestal Village from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. Cost will be $40 (Note: Date, place, and cost updated May 2013). The topic, loosely worded, is “Voting Rights – what impedes them and what we can do.” Grace Sinden and Ellen Kemp are looking for a speaker. If you have a suggestion, contact Sandy Smith, .


Membership Directory
Ellen Kemp mailed directories to the ten members without email and notified them that there will be no further communication by U.S. mail. Members with email may have printed or saved the directories to their own computers; Ellen received neither requests for printed copies nor complaints. Email appears to be working as a means of communication!

Finances and Budget
Ellen Kemp submitted a preliminary budget for 2013-14 that shows we pay to LWVNJ and LWVUS $4.00 more per member than we receive in dues and thus, with other expenses, will continue to draw down our reserves. We have not raised dues in ten years. At the Annual Meeting, the Leadership Committe will propose a dues increase to $60 for individual members and $30 for second household members in order to cover at least the per-member payment (PMP). As well, contributions are needed and welcome. Read more.

Monthly Reports
Members will receive reports of the monthly meetings by email in a format called Vertical Response (as you are now reading), which allows readers to link to the League website when they wish to read an article in depth. The website has both the shorter Vertical Response monthly update as well as the longer monthly reports. Look for them under Reports.

Reminders about upcoming events will continue to be sent by email, but everyone should go to the League website and click on
rss-button Subscribe to be sure of missing nothing.

Monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday evening of each month, from 7 to 9 PM at the Suzanne Patterson Building, 45 Stockton Street, Princeton. Summaries of LWV-Princeton Area monthly meetings may be found at

League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area