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League Newsletter May 2016

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The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area
 Volume 30  Issue 5
  May 2016

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Elizabeth MattoLWV-Princeton Area Annual Meeting

Engaging Young People in Politics and Voting: An Upbeat Report

Monday, May 16
Lee Forbes welcomed the thirty-plus League members and guests, who included several high school students, five women from the Lawrence League, and Jesse Burns,Executive Director of the LWV of New Jersey.  Members voted to approve the Princeton League positions, the budget, and the leadership committee.  Lee thanked Sheila Berkelhammer for her service as the League representative on the board of Princeton Community Housing.  Elizabeth Bidwell Bates will be taking Sheila's place.
Ingrid Reed introduced the speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Matto, Assistant Research Professor, Eagleton Institute of Politics, and Director of the Institute’s Youth Political Participation Program.  In keeping with the title of Dr. Matto's speech, “Engaging Young People in Politics and Voting: An Upbeat Report,” Ingrid paid tribute to the next generation by introducing the students in the audience and commending Jesse Burns for the League's initiative, the Young People's Network.
Click here to read more about the Dr. Matto's comments.

Elizabeth C. Matto is an Assistant Research Professor at the Eagleton Institute of Politics and the Director of the Institute’s Youth Political Participation Program (YPPP).

YourVoteCountsRemember to Vote in Primary Election
June 7

Read the Chrystal's letter to the editor, on behalf of the Princeton Area League, urging participation in the primary election.
Forums and Guides
The four Democratic candidates for two seats on Princeton Council debated on Wednesday, May 11. Click here to watch the video.

Voters Guides for Democratic Candidates for Mercer and Somerset County Freeholders are now on line. Click below to read the candidates' responses to League questions:

Mercer County Democratic Freehold Candidates

Somerset County Democratic Freeholder Candidates

RegisterAll 17-year-olds can now register to vote. Under previous rules 17-year-olds had to turn 18 by the next election to register, but this is no longer true. Leagues can start registering all 17-year-olds immediately. They will be entered in the statewide database as “pending” and will be allowed to vote once they turn 18.

Vote411_biglogo 2
LWVUS's Online Voter Guide
Click here to read more about

Treasurer's Report
Approved at the annual meeting, the report is now online on the Members Only page of our website. If you cannot access this page, please email for instructions.

State Program Committees
Melissa Scott prepared an explanation of the role and and activities of the six statewide standing committees of LWVNJ. Members who wish to do more than local Voter Service are encouraged to join a committee by contacting Jesse Burns, LWVNJ Executive Director.

LWVUS June Convention
Online registration closes on June 6. After June 6 members will need to register on-site during Convention, beginning June 16 at noon. Early bird registration fee ($395) applies only until May 31. A $50 late fee will be added to registrations received June 1-June 6.  If you are interested in attending, please register early.

Sandy Smith will be our delegate to the LWVUS Convention. Anyone interested in attending as a non-voting delegate should register and contact Sandy or Ellen.

Note: A previous version indicated that we would have two official delegates. Due to our membership numbers (less than 50), we are entitled to just one delegate. (corrected June 3, 2016)

Plans for 2016-17
We welcome to the Leadership Committee Patricia Casey, Voter Service team, and Jennifer Howard, Advocacy team.  We thank Nancy Hall, Beverly Kestenis, and Melissa Scott, who are leaving the LC, for their contributions. 

Three business meetings are planned for next year: each at 7 PM on the second Tuesday in the months of September, January, and April at the Suzanne Patterson Building in Princeton.  Members are encouraged to suggest and implement other events, especially in collaboration with other organizations.

Our next meeting:
Tuesday, September 16 at 7 PM
Suzanne Patterson Building, Princeton

Reminders about upcoming events will continue to be sent by email, but everyone should go to the League website and click on rss-button Subscribe to be sure of missing nothing.