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League Newsletter November 2017

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The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area
 Volume 32  Issue 2
  November 2017

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   Voter Service Activity


    Voter Registration Drives

    Website Statistics

Treasurer's Report

    Updating Bylaws

    Planning for 2018


    2018 Calendar

    Business Meetings

    January 9, 2018
    April 17, 2018


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Summary of Voter Service Activity

Chrystal reported on the statistics for the three forums sponsored by LWVPA:
Princeton Board of Education (co-sponsored with Princeton Community TV) – 43 in the audience, 282 plays of the video

14th Legislative District (co-sponsored with Monroe and East Windsor/Hightstown – 125 in the audience, 126 plays of the video

Montgomery Township Board of Education – 28 in the audience, 309 plays of the video
Kudos to the members who covered the races within LWVPA’s territory:
Patricia Casey – Princeton BOE, Mercer County Freeholder and Sheriff

Sandy Smith – West Windsor Township Council and Mayor, West Windsor and Plainsboro BOE

Harriet Warner – Franklin Township Council, all five wards

Chrystal Schivell – Montgomery Township Committee and BOE, Hillsborough Township  Committee and BOE, South Brunswick Township Council, Mayor, and BOE
Ann Armstrong – Rocky Hill, Somerset County Freeholder and Clerk

Monroe Township LWV -  Middlesex County Freeholder and Surrogate

The Voter Service team plans to cover contested primaries this spring and hopes that in 2018 the municipalities listed above will be covered by members who live in those municipalities. The Voter Service team will ask LWVUS how to print the material on VOTE411 and will suggest to LWVUS that an app be created so that users can access VOTE411 on their smart phones.
Voter Registration Drives 
In addition to a voter registration training session in July for the Princeton Landing Huddle, the following registration drives were conducted:
Mercer County Community College (Jeanne Turner and Sandy Smith volunteered to help the Lawrence League)
Princeton Landing (Jeanne Turner)
South Brunswick Public Library (Edith Neimark)
West Windsor Farmers' Market (Joan Bharucha)
Various community colleges, high schools and vocational schools (Harriet Warner) 
Groups such as the Princeton Landing Huddle and the Unitarian Universalists supported our registration drives. For more information about these drives, including registration statistics, go to the LWV-Princeton Area website. Many thanks to every member who supported voter registration!

Website Statistics
graphSandy Shapiro reported that, in the 90 days before the November election, the LWV-Princeton Area website received 3,472 page views. The ballot questions were the most frequently viewed. The figures (click here for more data) suggest that it is worthwhile to continue posting election information on our website as well as on

Treasurer's Report
The LWV-Princeton is fiscally sound. Voter Service stayed well within its budget and the next major expenditure will be sending representatives to Convention.  A copy of the November Treasuer's Report is available in the Members Only section of our website.

bylawsUpdating Bylaws
Jennifer Howard and Lee Forbes undertook the massive job of updating LWVPA’s bylaws after thirty years. They created two drafts – one based on the traditional organizational structure of president, vice-president, etc. and the other based on a leadership committee form of management.  Both drafts begin with wording required by LWVNJ regarding the League’s name and address, its purpose and policy, and the criteria for membership. 
Attendees at our November meeting chose the leadership committee form of management. Jennifer and Lee then explained the changes in each article that were necessary to make the bylaws reflect actual practice but without losing the protective structure inherent in bylaws themselves. Much discussion centered on the need to have a structure versus the concern that the structure not restrict the flexibility required to deal with real situations. There was consensus about dates, time frames, and most updates. Jennifer will present a second draft to the Leadership Committee. Once the bylaws are finalized, they will be sent to membership prior to the Annual Dinner, at which members will vote on them. 

Planning for 2018
Tuesday, January 9,from 7-9 PM: The next business meeting will be, at the Suzanne Patterson Building in Princeton. Lee will lead the discussion/approval of the LWVUS positions.

March 22: LWVNJ's Making Democracy Work cocktail party fundraiser
April 17: Leadership Committee meeting, at which all members are welcome; purpose is planning next year
TBD Annual Dinner: Jessica Knowlton has volunteered to be in charge.
June 28: LWVUS Convention at the Hilton Chicago

Reminders about upcoming events will continue to be sent by email, but everyone should go to the League website and click on rss-button Subscribe to be sure of missing nothing.