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League Newsletter October 2013

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The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area
 Volume 28  Issue 2
  October 2013

   In This Issue

    Back to League Night

    Voter Service Activities

    Membership Update

    November Monthly Meeting

    November Ballot Questions


  2013 -14 Calendar

    Tuesday, October 15, 7 PM
        16 Legislative District Forum
        Witherspoon Hall

    Wednesday, October 16

    Tuesday, October 29, 7 PM
          Back to League Night

    Tuesday, November 5

   Meeting Dates

   October 29, 7 - 9 PM
      Back to League Night

   November 12, 10:30 AM
        Princeton Public Library

   December 10, 10:30 AM 
        Princeton Public Library

   January 14, 10:30 AM 
        Princeton Public Library

   February 11, 10:30 AM 
        Princeton Public Library

   March 11, 10:30 AM
        Princeton Public Library 

    April 8, 7 PM
        Suzanne Patterson Building

    May 13, 7 PM
        Suzanne Patterson Building

    June 10, 7 PM
        Suzanne Patterson Building             

    Special Events -
            Please Volunteer!

    April 25, 2014
        Stand Against Racism

    April ?  , 2014



The League of Women Voters
of the Princeton Area

welcomes information
about issues

in our League area and
encourages comments at

Wednesday, October 16: Special Senatorial Election
Tuesday, November 5: General Election

Join Us at Back to League Night
Tuesday, October 29, 7 - 9 PM
Community Room
Witherspoon Hall (formerly Princeton Township Hall)
400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton

 Storming the Vote Come see and discuss the video
Storming the Vote: Hurricane Sandy and the Election

Learn about present and future study groups: Observer Corps, Lobby Corps, Restoring Voting Rights to Parolees and Probationers, Human Trafficking, and more.

Come to learn, socialize, and enjoy light refreshments!

Voter Service Activities

16th Legislative District Candidates Forum
Tuesday, October 15 at 7 PM
Witherspoon Hall

Voters Guides for candidates for school boards, mayor, council, and committee elections and videos of forums are online. Click here for links to the guides and videos.

Membership Update
Leticia Ufford has moved from the area. We thank her for her years of dedication, including having formerly served as president. Please click here to read Leticia's note to the League.

November Monthly Meeting

Tuesday November 12 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Princeton Public Library, 2nd Floor Conference Room

Please note the change in venue for the November meeting. 

Members will consider the League of Women Voters NJ
 Human Trafficking Study and vote on consensus.
Click here for more about the study, consensus, and links to the materials.

November Ballot Public Questions

Analyses of November New Jersey General Election Ballot Questions are now on the LWVNJ website and linked here:
Question 1: Constitutional Amendment to permit money from existing games of chance to support veterans' organizations
Question 2: Constitutional Amendment to set a state minimum wage with annual cost of living increases

Summaries of LWV-Princeton Area monthly meetings may be found at

Reminders about upcoming events will continue to be sent by email, but everyone should go to the League website and click on rss-button Subscribe to be sure of missing nothing.