Princeton Council Primary Election 2020 Information

The League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area hosted a virtual forum Thursday, June 11 with Democrats running for Princeton Council in the primary election. There is no Republican contest. 

A recording of the forum will be available on here.

The candidates’ written responses to League questions are available now at

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the usual June primary was moved to July 7 and will take place mainly as a vote-by-mail election. Please note:

1. EVERY ACTIVE REGISTERED DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN WILL RECEIVE A BALLOT IN THE MAIL for the party with which the voter is affiliated. With the ballot, the voter will also receive a postage-paid envelope for returning the ballot. If returned through the mail, it must be postmarked by election day, July 7, and received by July 14 to be counted. Secure drop boxes will also be available in every county.

2. In order to vote in a primary election in New Jersey, you must affiliate as either a Democrat or Republican. IF YOU HAVE NOT AFFILIATED WITH A PARTY, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN APPLICATION in the mail for indicating with which party you want to affiliate. You will then receive the vote-by-mail ballot for that party.

3. IF YOU PREFER TO VOTE IN PERSON, THERE WILL BE A LIMITED NUMBER OF POLLING PLACES. Instead of the usual sample ballot, you will receive notification of your new polling place. VOTING WILL BE DONE BY PROVISIONAL BALLOT, not with the familiar machine, because all Democrats and Republicans will already have received a vote-by-mail ballot. Do not bring your completed ballot to the polls; poll workers cannot accept them.

For more information, visit the League’s website The League urges you to watch the mail carefully for either your application or your ballot so as NOT to confuse this important but standard, business-size envelope with junk mail. Please pay close attention to this special primary election arrangement for vote-by-mail. Your comments about your experiences are welcome.

Chrystal Schivell, League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area