LWV Princeton Presidents Reunion 1993

The LWV of the Princeton Area celebrated our 60th Anniversary in 1993, when 13 of our past presidents and the then-current president gathered for a photograph. As we celebrate our 85th year, we are delighted to be reminded of our long history and active membership by Liz Quigg, a member of the Wheaton, Illinois LWV. Liz forwarded a newspaper clipping from the son of Bernice Miller, president from 1952 to 1954; and Mary Ann Moxon, president from 1993 to 1995, furnished the color image. Mary Ann is now an active member of the LWV of the Williamsburg (VA) Area. Thank you to all!

LWV Princeton Area Presidents 1993

Seated (left to right):

Bettie Schrader, Ruth Cherniss, Margaret Sprout

Standing ( left to right):

Cathy Loevner, Rita Ludlow, Bernice Miller, Mary Tanner, Anne O'Neill, Frieda Gilvarg, Marion Epstein,

Marybeth Kohut, Linda Mather, Lenore Danielson, Mary Ann Moxon