Automatic Voter Registration


Governor Christie can increase voter registration rates, improve accuracy in our voter rolls and save money, all with one signature.

In June, the Assembly and Senate passed A-1944, automatic voter registration. Five states have already enacted this reform, and Governor Christie has the power to make New Jersey the sixth by signing automatic registration into law.

Here's how it works: When eligible citizens interact with the Motor Vehicle Commission, their information is seamlessly sent to election officials for voter registration, unless they decline to be registered. It's a common-sense reform that builds on existing technology.

And it's a reform New Jersey needs, badly. In 2014, our state ranked 42nd in the nation for voter turnout. New Jersey's archaic voter registration system, which relies heavily on paper forms that must be printed, signed and mailed, is a major barrier to turnout.

Then take action to help pass automatic voter registration. Call Governor Christie at 609-292-6000 and ask that he sign A-1944, automatic voter registration.

Automatic voter registration will help move New Jersey's voter registration system into the 21st century. A veto of this bill is a vote against accessible democracy and government efficiency.

Thank you for your support of the League and for your activism improving New Jersey's voting system!

With Gratitude,

Jesse Burns

Executive Director, League of Women Voters of New Jersey

Link to an article by the NJ State Bar Foundation: Making Voter Registration Automatic.

September 1, 2017.