LWV-Princeton Area Ad-April 2017

The LWV of the Princeton Area published the advertisement below in the program booklet for the 2017 LWV-NJ Convention:

The LWV of the Princeton Area honors our Voter Service Chair, Chrystal Schivell, for her outstanding service. For close to ten years, Chrystal has coordinated voter registration, candidate forums, voter service workshops, and Voters’ Guides. Given the many communities served by our League, the number of candidates for school board, local, county, and state elections is enormous, requiring a great deal of organization along with tact in dealing with disparate candidates as well as municipal and regional governments. Chrystal is our voice and manager for all.

Chrystal established a working rapport with our local newspapers, as well as with the local Princeton television station, Princeton Community TV, so that the printed Voters’ Guides and the videos of the candidate forums would be readily accessible to a wide audience. In 2016, Chrystal led the effort of the LWV of the Princeton Area to successfully implement VOTE411 for Voters’ Guides, with a high response rate from candidates. To raise awareness of VOTE411, she designed a poster and also a business card that was distributed to the public at voter registration and other events.

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