LWV New Jersey Positions


Refer to Study & Action 2017-2019 for the complete text and history of current positions.


Death Penalty (2004): Oppose the death penalty under any circumstances and for any type of crime. Life imprisonment without possibility of parole is the appropriate alternative.

Family Court (1977): Support adequate funding and training of personnel.

Juvenile Justice (1996): Support rehabilitation programs including a broad range of graduated sanctions and services and adequate funding for community-based facilities. Support measures to reduce disproportionate representation of minority youth in the system and a single independent state level agency.

Mediation in the Municipal Courts (1989): Support statewide implementation of mediation programs.


Charter Schools (2000): Support charter schools to encourage innovation within the public schools, while preserving the public character of public education. Traditional public school districts should be protected from arbitrary funding changes with respect to charter school funding.

Private School Choice (2007): Oppose use of public funds to support students in non-public schools.

School District Regionalization (2007): Support decision-making by citizens of affected districts on school district regionalization and sharing of services so long as constitutional rights are not abridged.

State Role in Achieving Quality Education (1993): Support the sharing of responsibility between state and local school boards for educational outcomes; support state assistance and monitoring; state-set curriculum content standards, and structural flexibility.

Teacher Certification and Professional Development (1994): Support continuation and improvement of the alternative route to certification to assure substantive training, valid evaluation and appropriate support. Support periodic renewal of certification and requirement of continuing professional development.

Tenure (1982): Support elimination of tenure for administrators.


Dedication of Taxes (1996): Oppose the constitutional dedication of taxes.

Public Education Funding (2001): Promote state fiscal measures to improve and equalize opportunities for public education including aid for school facilities and adequate support for children with special needs. Protect school districts from arbitrary funding changes. State education mandates should be used to meet educational standards, include significant state funding and adequate time for implementation.

Tax and Spending Limits (1981): Support limits on taxation and spending by municipal, county school and state governments.

Tax and Spending Policy (1996): Promote sound fiscal policies through a progressive and equitable tax structure with adequate revenue to provide state and local services to meet the needs of New Jersey citizens. Support measures to reduce dependence on the local property tax and disparities in tax rates and services among communities.


Campaign Finance (2001): Support an open and accountable system including contribution and expenditure disclosure and limitations. Support a system of public and private funding.

Independent Commissions and Authorities (1989): Support accountability, openness, coordination in planning between commissions and authorities and oversight by executive branch.

Office of Lieutenant Governor (2005/2015): Support the office with defined responsibilities and succession for eh remainder of elected term.

Structures and Procedures (1987): Support longer staggered terms and single member districts.

Voting Rights for Parolees and Probationers (2009): Support restoration of voting rights to all parolees and probationers who are U.S. citizens.

Voting Reform Platform (2017): In an effort to increase voter turnout, improve accessibility to the ballot, improve efficiency and save money, and ensure voting rights are protected, the League of Women Voters of New Jersey supports the initiatives linked here.


Planning for Growth Positions (2005)

Support a comprehensive state planning policy for land use decisions which includes open space conservation, habitat preservation for biodiversity, farmland preservation, provision of low and moderate-income housing consistent with environmental policies and historic preservation. Support watershed management, storm water management, non-structural approaches to flood damage reduction in all river basins and education and enf orcement programs to eliminate both non-point and point source pollution. Support a transportation planning process that provides all segments of the population with a minimum level of mobility, contributes to sound land use planning, is consistent with local and regional development goals, considers energy conservation and environmental protection and enhances the social and economic welfare of all state residents.

Other Natural Resource Positions

Coastal Zone: Support planning which leads to best possible outcome for people, land and coast.

Radioactive Waste Management (1983): Public health, and safety should be the primary considerations in managing radioactive wastes.

Solid Waste Management (1986): Strategies for managing municipal solid waste should be implemented in the following order: source reduction, recycling, waste-to-energy, and landfill.


Housing and Zoning (1991): Folded into Planning for Growth, 2005.

Instate Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants (2009): The League of Women Voters of New Jersey supports extending instate tuition to unauthorized immigrants who graduate from NJ high schools and are admitted to NJ’s public institutions of higher education. In addition, if the state funds private higher education for New Jersey students, the League supports including unauthorized immigrants who would qualify for instate tuition at par in the funding formula for private colleges and universities.


Public Transportation (1986): Support use of public monies to subsidize public transportation for both operating and capital costs. (Other positions on transportation were put into Planning for Growth under Natural Resources in 2005.)


Child Care (1987): Promote state efforts to increase the availability of quality child care service, but recognize that parents, employers, federal and local government—society as a whole—have role.

Domestic Violence (1991): Support measures that protect victims and survivors.

Family Life Education (2001): Support the teaching of comprehensive family life education in the public schools.

Legal Status of Women (1979): Promote laws that protect the rights of women. Support revisions of property and inheritance laws, expeditious and less costly divorce procedures, equitable distribution statutes, strengthening of laws regarding disclosure of assets and methods for collecting support payments.

Reproductive Rights/Public Policy on Abortion (1982): Support the right of the individual to make the choice of whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.

HumanTrafficking (2015): Oppose all forms of domestic and international human trafficking of adults and children, including sex trafficking and labor trafficking.