Communiversity 2013

Lady Liberty 2
Uncle Sam
Lady Liberty 1

The League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area thanks the organizers of Communiversity for a well-run festival that allowed the League to publicize its mission to a wide audience. Over 120 youngsters voted at the League's booth for their favorite color, flavor, pet, and activity. The winners were blue, chocolate, dog, and art respectively, but the fact that vanilla and sports were close seconds in their categories proves that it's important to vote and that every vote counts. We handed out over 100 blue tote bags imprinted with the League logo which contained “Fun Facts” and membership forms, and at least forty children (and a few adults) posed as Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam. The Leadership Committee followed up with letters to the editors of three local papers reiterating the League's mission and urging readers to join. Sandy Smith has reached out to the visitors to our booth who provided their contact information and expressed interest in learning more about the League.