Protect Health Care

April 15, 2017

To the Editor:

Recent attempts in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act have not been successful -- 56 percent of the American people oppose repeal. Nonetheless, House leaders will try again after the current congressional recess. If we want to protect health care, we have to speak out now, loudly.

The repeal legislation is bad for women, bad for families and bad for seniors. It would take away health coverage for 24 million people and increase out-of-pocket costs for others, especially moderate-income families. It significantly cuts coverage for women and no longer assures that women cannot be charged for more than men for healthcare. It will increase costs for those with pre-existing conditions, while undermining Medicaid.

The only real winners under this new legislation are special interests and the wealthiest Americans. Hundreds of billions in tax breaks are included for the wealthy and the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

While the ACA is not perfect, it has provided health-care coverage to millions of Americans who previously went without. This new legislation is a huge step in the wrong direction. Please join us in urging Leonard Lance to oppose repeal.

Nickole Forbes

Leadership Committee

League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area