December 2012 Meeting

Toni Zimmer

LWVNJ President Toni Zimmer

The regularly-scheduled December meeting featured Toni Zimmer, LWVNJ President, and Kerry Butch, Executive Director of LWVNJ, who'd driven from Sparta and Asbury Park, respectively, to share their enthusiasm for the League. Kerry explained how the LWVNJ worked closely and successfully with the Board of Elections to answer the deluge of questions from voters that resulted from Superstorm Sandy. LWVNJ is keeping a close eye on legislation that would require voter ID and allow early voting. Toni and Kerry described the structure of LWVNJ. An Advocacy Team, consisting of Toni, Kerry, Jesse Burns (Director of Communications and Projects at LWVNJ), Sandy Matsen, and Nancy Hedinger, has created a Lobby Corps and established six statewide committees to oversee the areas of education, environment, immigration, government, and women and family issues. Individual League members who are interested in issues and advocacy are invited to join one of these committees. Suggestions about how to reinvigorate our local League included participating in LWVUS's Membership and Leadership Development Program (MLD). Five members attended an all-day MLD workshop and will meet monthly with a coach. Other suggestions include writing a Know Your Town, now that Princeton is consolidated, and staffing an Observer Corps to keep an eye on the various municipal boards, such as zoning, which are no longer covered by reporters.