February 2015 Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Princeton Area LWV was held on February 10 at the Mary Jacobs Library. The topic of the meeting was the restructuring and future of our League.

There was much interest from our members as evidenced by the comments submitted prior to the meeting. There was a general consensus that we should not merge with another local League but stay independent. Our focus should be Voter Service.


Our present structure of monthly business meetings is too demanding. Some issues and activities can be handled via email. After much discussion it was decided that we should have fewer meetings during the year. For further details, please see the separate email that will be sent to all members.


While members may feel that merging with another league is not a solution, collaboration on programs may be a good idea. For example, collaborating with another league for Back to League might boost attendance. Sandy Smith agreed to be a liaison with the Lawrence League.


Members agreed that meeting our obligations to the State League is important. These are: input for program planning; sending delegates to the State convention; the annual winter fund raiser; review of new studies; and consensus on updates to current positions. State also offers excellent workshops in fall and spring. Watch for an email concerning the State’s Call to Convention, which is scheduled for Saturday May 2, 2015.


How do we educate and inform the voter? What would increase voter turnout? Possible solutions to these questions were discussed. While registering students in high school seems a good idea, many are yet too young to vote. One suggestion was to train students to register their parents and neighbors. Another idea was to sponsor a contest in a local high school to create a poster that would encourage students and parents to vote, and offer a monetary prize.

Chrystal Schivell will be conducting a Voter Service workshop at our meeting on Tuesday, March 10. Topics will include registration, candidate debates, and voters’ guides. Someone willing to organize voter registrations is still needed - please contact Chrystal. Look for more information on the workshop, to be issued prior to the meeting.


The League will again take part in the state Callathon and several members volunteered to do this. Lee Forbes will coordinate our participation. Our League receives a percentage of our members’ donations; last year we earned more than $300.


Please save the date of Monday, June 8, for our annual meeting and dinner. Nancy Hall will coordinate the details.