January 2014 Meeting

Updated Membership Roster

Please renew your membership! Members who have not yet renewed have been sent a reminder letter. If they do not renew by February 1, they will be dropped.

League Observer Corps

A local citizen asked the LWV-Princeton Area to have its reports printed in local newspapers. At the January meeting, the Leadership Committee decided to continue the League's practice of only printing the Observer Corps reports in the League's own newsletter and website.

Storage of Archives

We have not made additions to our archived material at the Princeton Historical Society in a few years. Since we have more material that should be archived, Rita Ludlum and Frieda Gilvarg will lead us in sorting materials. We will contact the Princeton Historical Society to find out exactly what items they wish to archive.

Congressional Campaign Funding and American Anti-corruption Act

The LWV-Princeton Area will co-sponsor, with Represent.Us, a future meeting, possibly in March or April. Represent.Us is a group fighting for fairness in federal congressional elections.

Princeton Community Housing

Sheila Berkelhammer of the Princeton Community Housing requested that a future meeting be used to explain the changes in affordable housing regulations. A representative is willing to speak at a future meeting and give us an update on issues in Princeton and the state. We are working on the arrangements for such a meeting.


The LWV-Princeton Area will apply for a table at Communiversity to be held on April 27. Please volunteer to help! Contact us if you are interested. Another affiliated organization could join us at our table.

Voter Service

Chrystal Schivell will arrange a debate for the Princeton Council primary. She will also continue the program of registering voters in local schools.

LWVNJ Activities

Rescheduled Holiday Brunch

The LWVNJ has rescheduled its brunch to February 22. Watch for invitations.

Advocacy Report

In an effort to encourage League members to aid in advocacy and to join program committees, LWVNJ Vice President Nancy Hedinger will issue quarterly reports on programming and advocacy. It’s a great way to learn about subject areas of importance to you from League members who are truly experts "in the field.” Click here to read Nancy's January 2014 Update.

The preliminary report on Human Trafficking has been finalized. The report includes responses from individual Leagues. To read the complete report, please go to the LWVNJ Women and Family Issues website page.

Annual Appeal and Callathon

The LWV-Princeton Area will actively participate in the LWVNJ annual appeal by calling potential donors. Email us if you'd like to help at lwvprinceton@gmail.com.

LWVUS Convention

The LWVUS convention will be held June 6 - 11 in Dallas. Our local League will send at least one delegate. If you are interested in being a delegate, please contact us.

February Meeting

The LWV-Princeton Area February meeting will be held Tuesday, February 11 at 10:30 AM at the Princeton Public Library. The main topic will be membership. It would be helpful to exchange ideas with people from other organizations who are also involved in recruiting members.