January 2016 Meeting

Treasurer's Report

Ellen Kemp said that, although declining membership means fewer dollars in dues, LWVPA is in pretty good shape financially. We have 29 dues-paying members and 8 life-time members for a total of 37. We will participate in Callathon again this year because it raises money for our League as well as for LWVNJ.

Membership Update

Chrystal Schivell reported that at this fall's forums five people expressed interest in joining League to work on Voter Service. She will follow up with them while others at the meeting will try to recruit in Princeton and West Windsor. In the past, elected officials in Princeton became members of the League.

Voter Service

Elizabeth Bates and Chrystal reported instances in the last election in which voters were denied provisional ballots by board workers at the polls. Chrystal will draft a letter to the Mercer County Clerk and Board of Elections asking that the problem be addressed.

LWVNJ Updates

Lee Forbes, who along with Melissa Scott and Ellen Kemp is on the State Board, asked how best to let members know what's happening at LWVNJ without overwhelming their inboxes or Board members. The State Board Report (SBR) cannot be published to the public on the League's website, and the statewide committees send templates for letters advocating League positions to be published locally. If you have suggestions about dealing with these issues, please contact a member of the Leadership Committee. One suggestion is to create a member-protected portion of the website for posting the SBR and other private information like the list of members. Only members would be able to access it using a password. Similarly, a member with expertise or interest in one of the six policy areas might volunteer to examine and send to local papers any suggested letters to the editor involving her area. Four members of the Leadership Committee have agreed to this procedure, but Fiscal Policy, Immigration, and Young People's Network still need a volunteer. Please contact Lee Forbes if you are interested.

LWVUS Program Planning Input

It was agreed that, rather than suggesting new areas for study, the Princeton Area League will support Making Democracy Work as LWVUS's focus for next year.


  • January 21: Consensus meeting Money in Politics at 7 PM at 24 Monroe Lane, Princeton
  • April 12: Princeton Area's next business meeting, to be held at 7 PM at Suzanne Patterson.
  • The 2016 Annual Dinner has been tentatively scheduled for Monday, May 16 at the Salt Creek Grille.
  • Next year, 2017, is the League's 85th Birthday. Nancy Hall and Sandy Smith volunteered to organize a celebration, possibly as part of the 2017 Annual Dinner.
  • The Lawrence League is hosting a presentation by Represent Us and has invited the Princeton League to attend. Details to follow.
  • The LWVNJ Spring Workshop will be held on May 7 in the Morris area. Details to follow.
  • LWVUS Convention: June 16-19, 2016 at the Marriott in Wardman Park, Washington, DC. Members interested in attending should inform Lee Forbes.