January 2018 Meeting

LWVUS Program Planning

Lee Forbes led the meeting, whose focus was to provide input to LWVUS on a number of items. LWVUS had asked local Leagues to summarize what their League has done for democracy reforms in the past biennium. Attendees at the meeting cited our voter service activities and our speakers on gerrymandering and engaging young people in the political process at the Annual Meetings.

We were also asked what LWVUS positions our local League uses in advocacy. As we considered the many public policy positions of LWVUS, we realized that the Princeton Area League has done advocacy on the basis of several positions. Advocacy includes letters to the editor, participation in marches, participation on boards such as PCH (Princeton Community Housing), etc. It was suggested that members keep track of any advocacy they do as individuals in order to add it to future reports.

Attendees agreed with LWVUS’s recommendation to continue emphasis on democracy reforms—such as voting rights, improving elections, campaign finance, and redistricting—rather than to suggest new studies or different emphases. We did ask, however, that LWVUS examine the constitutionality of parts of the new tax code, such as allowing religious institutions to support candidates. We also asked that LWVUS clarify under which position advocacy against sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace may be taken.

Given all the League positions we had just reviewed, it was suggested that LWVNJ submit a list of what the League would like a new governor to accomplish in the first 100 days. It was also decided that at the Annual Meeting a few minutes will be devoted to highlighting areas where members could do advocacy on their own or in cooperation with other organizations, a list of which will be provided. Lee was thanked for her willingness to fill out and submit the forms to be sent to LWVUS.

Treasurer’s Report

Ellen Kemp assured us that we are fine, and her report was accepted. Chrystal Schivell will be the point person for Callathon. It was agreed that LWV Princeton Area buy an ad in support of LWVNJ’s fundraiser, “Making Democracy Work Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception.”


Attendees approved the revised bylaws with a few minor changes. Jennifer Howard will have a final copy sent to membership at least a week before the Annual Meeting, at which a vote will be taken.


January 20 – Women’s March in Morristown. Chrystal and Ellen plan to attend. Details are posted on the website.

March 22 - Making Democracy Work Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception, Doubletree Hotel, Tinton Falls.

April 17 – Leadership Committee planning for next year. All members are welcome. Anyone interested in joining the Leadership Committee or the Nominating Committee for the 2018-19 fiscal League year please contact the Leadership Committee at lwvprinceton@gmail.com.

May 14? - Annual Dinner Meeting. Lee Forbes is taking charge.

June 28 to July 1 - LWVUS Convention at the Hilton Chicago. Anyone eager to attend Convention as a delegate please contact the Leadership Committee at lwvprinceton@gmail.com.

New Business

The Leadership Committee is exploring making a Facebook page.