May 2013 Meeting


Thank you to all members who helped organize and participated in Communiversity. A report is posted on the website. The activities designed for Communiversity to attract interest in League will continue to be used at voter registrations and other League events. Props (tote bags, costumes, ballots, etc.) will be stored with Chrystal Schivell and are available to any League member wishing to promote membership.

LWVNJ Convention

Sandy Smith displayed the certificate proclaiming that the LWV-Princeton Area won the Communications Award and summarized Convention highlights. Please click here for photos and a report on Convention.

Stand Against Racism

The LWV-Princeton Area co-sponsored the event, which was organized by the YWCA and the Princeton Human Services Commission, which is chaired by a League member.

Treasurer's Report

Ellen Kemp sent a preliminary budget that projects an expenditure of $1,200 more than income for this fiscal year. For 2013-14, however, Ellen anticipates a balanced budget as a result of the proposed increase in dues to $60 for individuals and $90 for households while keeping student membership at $22.

Annual Dinner Meeting

Our tentative plans were tentative! The Annual meeting will now be held on Monday, June 10 from 6:00 to 8:30 PM at the Salt Creek Grille, where we met last year. The cost is $40, an increase over last year because the Leadership Committee voted not to subsidize the meal. Penny Venetis, Clinical Professor of Law at Rutgers, Director of the International Human Rights Clinic, and Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise Scholar, will speak about Voters' Rights.

The business portion of the meeting will include votes to raise dues and to accept the Leadership Committee. Details will be sent via email before the meeting. LWV bags and pins will be handed out so that every member becomes an ambassador for League. In addition to Voter Service activities, plans for next year include the creation of an Action Committee to restore voting rights to all parolees and probationers who are U.S. Citizens, participation in LWVNJ's Lobby Corps, and the reinstitution of an Observer Corps. Checking with area high schools about whether and how they register seniors to vote and then reporting back to Voter Service is an example of an Observer Corps activity.

To register for the Annual Dinner Meeting, please make your check payable to: The League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area and mail it by June 5 to LWV of the Princeton Area, PO Box 253, Kingston, NJ 08528.

June Monthly Meeting Canceled

Because the Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, June 10, the regular monthly meeting, scheduled for June 11, is canceled. A report of the Annual Meeting, along with the dates and locations of next year's regular monthly meetings, will be posted on the LWV-Princeton Area website, Please note that winter meetings will be held during the day, early fall and late spring at night.


The Membership Team (Frieda Gilvarg, Rita Ludlum, and Beverly Kestenis) has been invited to the June 6 Membership and Leadership Development Program meeting with our MLD team & coach. The meeting will be devoted to a discussion of membership activities, including attracting new members, and keeping current members involved.