October 2012 - 80th Anniversary Celebration

On October 15, we celebrated our 80th Anniversary at the Unitarian-Universalist Church. The party was well attended by League members – among them three former mayors: Phyllis Marchand, Marvin Reed, and Jim Floyd – as well as by members of the public.

We began the evening with food and drink provided by Nancy Hall and Toshe Abe and had the opportunity to chat and to relish Anne Zeman's magnificent display of LWVPA's history. Lee Forbes took the podium to honor past presidents Lenore Danielson, Frieda Gilvarg, Harriet Bryan, Rita Ludlum, Sallie Jesser, Letitia Ufford, Linda Mather, Selma Goldstein, Anne Zeman, and Edith Neimark. Members recognized for fifty years with LWV included Sandra Rabinowitz, Roslyn Denarde, and Esther Dresner.

The life of Alice Paul was re-enacted by Taylor Williams of the American Historical Theater. After a brilliant performance, Ms. Williams stepped out of her role to answer questions and provoke a compelling discussion about the Equal Rights Amendment and its relevance today. The evening ended with an anniversary cake, provided by Sandy Smith.

Birthday Cake

80th Birthday Cake




Mayors Phyllis Marchand, Jim Floyd, and Marvin Reed

members look at posters

Members look at League History Display

poster 1

League History Display 1



poster 2

League History Display 2

poster 3

League History Display 3

poster 4

League History Display 4

poster 5

League History Display 5