Voter Service Report April 2017

VOTE411 is the League's online Voter’s Guide, which allows voters to compare the responses to League questions from the candidates on their ballot. For the June primary, we are covering only contested elections. The gubernatorial race is contested, and LWVNJ will be handling the gubernatorial and legislative races. The Princeton Area League has only the Middlesex Freeholder Democrats to cover on VOTE411 for this June's primary – four candidates for two seats. Any volunteers?

We plan to cover every race on the ballot this November - school board, municipal government, Freeholder, county clerk, sheriff, etc. Here's where Voter Service needs many of you to cover one or more races either in Princeton or another community! We plan to hold an organizational meeting in late spring to prepare for this fall's VOTE411. It should be fun - a chance to meet one another and to throw out ideas about what to ask the candidates. Even if you can't work on VOTE411, you can make a significant contribution by emailing me questions for the candidates.

FYI – It will take legislation to mandate that candidates include an email address as part of the public record when filing for office. Ann Armstrong and I will appeal to the LWVNJ Board at a meeting in June or July to authorize us to pursue such legislation.

Forums - Although I will have resigned as Voter Service chair by next fall, I will continue to be in charge of forums or debates. I already have in mind one for the 16th Legislative District, which includes Princeton and Montgomery. As a Princeton resident, I will continue to organize Princeton forums and will be happy to help if you would like to hold a municipal or school board debate in your town.

Chair – We’re looking for a volunteer to chair Voter Service, which involves directing team members who work independently. The chair is a member of our League’s Leadership Committee, and receives and redirects inquiries sent to the League’s gmail account. With input from the Voter Service team, the chair prepares an annual report for the state LWV. The implementation of VOTE411 has reduced the chair’s workload, since we no longer need to publish Voter’s Guides in the Princeton Packet.

PLEASE save your sample ballots from the June primary and send them to Voter Service. They’re extremely useful when we set up VOTE411.