MIddlesex County Freeholders and Sheriff 1998



Vote Tuesday, November 3, 1998




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The League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area submitted the following three questions to all candidates for Middlesex County Freeholder:

1. Middlesex County has identified numerous parcels of land for open space, yet there is a limited amount of resources available to acquire these lands. Please describe how the Freeholders could come up with creative ways to acquire these lands, including additional sources of revenue. How can the process be accelerated before these lands are developed?

2. Middlesex County has experienced rapid development over the past decade. This growth has created jobs, housing and business opportunities while at the same time putting stresses on the county's ability to provide services. What policies would you pursue as Freeholder with respect to development? Are you in favor of assessing impact fees on developers to pay for services?

3. How would you use the State Plan to allocate the financial resource of Middlesex County?


Party: The Democratic Party

Age: 54

Address: 7 Fayette Street, Edison, 08817

Occupation: Community Relations

Education: BS in Education, and M.Ed

Significant Community Activities: Middlesex County Habitat for Humanity, founder and board member; Middlesex County America Heart Association, board member; Middlesex County Food Organization and Outreach Distribution Services (MCFOODS), founder; member, non-profit daycare board; Middlesex County Freeholder.


1. Just as the Democrats suggested and worked to get the voters to approve the Open Space Trust Fund for the county, I would encourage all the twenty-five towns in Middlesex County to do the same. I believe each town show assist in the purchase of open space the local area benefits the most from the parks within their towns. Green Acre funds can be secured, if possible, and contributions of lands by private owners, such as Conrail, etc. can be explored. We can only move as quickly as land studies can be completed, as we must be certain the land is suitable for preservation. This is not a one year endeavor, but will take many years to complete even what is suggested at this point. Other parcels may be added in future years and I am certain all levels of government will work together since all citizens benefit from open space preservation.

2. County government has no power over local zoning regulations which stipulate how land can or cannot be used. The county planning board reviews plans fronting on county roads and those plans affecting drainage. At this time county government does not have the statutory authority to assess impact fees. I believe the county must work to facilitate cooperation among towns for regional planning and to educate the towns and the public on the impact on the infrastructure of development plans. By assisting local towns with sound economic development plans via technical assistance, and even financing advise, the county can assure logical development of the assets in the various towns.

3. Once the State Plan has been adopted and enabling legislation passed, Middlesex County, as every county, will have to develop implementation plans for those areas within the responsibility of county government, such as county roads and bridges. Much of the State Plan however impacts the local municipalities, not areas the county has jurisdiction to impact.


Party: The Republican Party

Address: 431 School House Road Monroe 08831

Occupation: Raising race horses

Education: Nursing, Seton Hall School of Nursing

Significant Community Activities: Garden State Games, swimming starter, referee-diving judge; vice-president, Monroe Republican Committee


1. A true assessment of the lands value has to be done. If open space land is in a flood zone or wet land the cost should not be in the millions. If the true value of open space land was spent; more land can be purchased without more money.

2. The impact of the run-off from storm sewer water into our streams and lakes, traffic and school taxes on a community should be paid by the developer. If developers were accountable for their actions maybe they would build 900 Homes instead of 900,000 on the same piece of property.

3. The short answer is to use state money (example 32 million dollars for the state take-over of our court system by 1999) to finance existing programs; Not to start new ones.


Party: The Democratic Party

Age: 68

Address: 451 Crows Mill Road, Fords, 08863

Occupation: Retired

Education: Villanova University

Significant Community Activities: Woodbridge Council member; President, Fords Clara Barton Baseball League; Middlesex County Freeholder.


1. Democrats created the county's Open Space Trust Fund after successfully campaigning in its behalf for approval by the voters. Today, we have acquired literally thousands of acres of open space and will continue to do so. Further, several local government units have followed to take our lead to create their own Open Space Trust finds. We will continue to encourage our local governments units to identify open space parcels for possible acquisition and will work with them to preserve for posterity as many as possible.

2.Unlike any other county in our state, Democrats have a truly outstanding record regarding the delivery of county services at the lowest possible taxpayers cost. In fact, we have cut the county tax levy five years in a row. As a Freeholder, I will actively encourage non-residential, job-producing development along our Raritan Bay waterfront and in such areas as Raritan Center. I will also cooperate with local government units to help to cut "red tape" to facilitate local development initiatives.

3. While I endorse the thrust and purpose of the State Plan, I believe Middlesex County government is many steps ahead of the Plan in respect to county resources and those of entities like the MCIA.


Party: The Republican Party

No Response Received


PARTY: The Republican Party

No Response Received


Party: The Democratic Party

Age: 37

Address: 3 Icker Avenue, South River, 08882

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Villanova Univeristy and Dickinson School of Law

Significant Community Activities: South River Council member, 1992-1998; Middlesex County Freeholder, appointed 1998; The South River Economic Development Committee; South river Historical and Preservation Inc.


1. Democrats created the County's Open Space Trust Fund after successfully campaigning in its behalf for approval by the voters. Today, we have literally thousands of acres of open space and will continue to do so. Further, several municipalities have followed our lead to create their own Open Space Trust Funds. We will continue to encourage our local governments to identify open space parcels for possible acquisition and will work with them to preserve for posterity as many acres as possible.

2. Although Middlesex County has seen rapid growth, the Democratic Freeholders have been able to cut the County Tax Levy for five years and still provide its high level of service. The law vests local municipalities with the power to enact Local Zoning Regulations. We as a County must encourage cooperation and communication between our municipalities.

3. I understand and agree with the concept of the State Development Guide plan but it does not impact the allocation of county resources. I believe Middlesex County does an outstanding job in making available its resources, both human and financial, to improve the quality of life for our residents.



1. If elected Middlesex County Sheriff, what do you consider your top priorities?


Party: The Independent Party

Age: 27

Address: 52 Paterson Street, New Brunswick, 08901

Occupation: Attorney, The Law Office of George Barrood

Education: B.A. Sociology, Criminology and J.D.; Rutgers University; University of Bridgeport School of Law; Rutgers Preparatory High School; Saint Peters Junior High School

Significant Community Activities: Past-President of Criminal Law Society of the University of Bridgeport School of Law; practicing New Brunswick Attorney handling criminal and civil cases; International and Comparative Law studies in Ireland and France; Security Officer training through Burns International Security; Lecturing Knight at the New Brunswick BPO Elks; President of the Knights of Saint Sharbel; recipient of a Service to the Community Award, Bridgeport, CT; recipient of a Cook College Leadership Award; lifelong resident of Middlesex County


Every courtroom must have trained sheriff's officers present. All sheriff's officers will wear bullet-proof vests. Our courthouse will be a safer place for courthouse employees, court officers and visitors.

An accounting of all county funds will be made available to the public. Such a system will assure honesty in the politics of the Middlesex County Sheriff's Department.

Middlesex County is backlogged on its service of summonses and subpoenas. Using technology such as electronic mail, facsimile transmissions and the Internet, I plan to cut down on our officers' unessential driving time and serve our court documents in a more timely manner.


Party: The Republican Party

Age: 51

Address: 6 Coan Place, Metuchen, 08840

Occupation: Attorney

Education: B.S. Criminal Justice; J.D.


The first priority will be a concerted effort in the reduction of the excessive backlog in the service of arrest warrants. The latest figures available to me indicate an excess of over 5,000 warrants. I will institute an on going program to reduce and keep reduced the number of backlogged warrants, not merely a concerted effort in election years.

Another major priority is the reduction of excessive overtime budget. A complete review of the structure of the Middlesex County Sheriff's Department is required and a reassignment of personel to enable a more efficiently operated department.


Party: The Democratic Party

Age: 53

Address: 258 Adirondack Avenue, Spotswood, 08884

Occupation: Middlesex County Sheriff

Education: Franklin Township High School

Significant Community Activities: Chairman, Middlesex County Heart Association Fund Drive; chairman, March of Dimes Walk America in Middlesex County; member, Cancer Association Fund Drive; member, Italian-American Social Club of North Brunswick; member, American Hungarian Democratic Organization; former mayor, Borough of Spotswood; member, Order of the Sons of Italy, Sgt. John Basilone Lodge


A - New family court. I will continue to work with the Judiciary in planning of new facility, including security measures. Will train additional staff members to implement necessary security.

B - Technological advances. We are continually upgrading our computerization needs as they relate to our business office functions, as well as law enforcement needs. Presently working with Freeholders to provide integrated law enforcement systems with local police departments.

C - Community needs. We continually train our officers to present community awareness programs, including fingerprinting of children alerting our citizens to "scams," presenting crime prevention programs.