Montgomery Township School Board 2001



Vote Tuesday, April 17, 2001


Polls are open in Montgomery from 2 PM to 9 PM

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All candidate information in this guide was compiled from candidates' responses to questionnaires. Replies are printed in the candidates' own words, without editing or verification. Due to space limitation, the candidates were given a word limit for replies. Incumbents are indicated by an asterisk (*).

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The League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area submitted the following five questions to all candidates for Montgomery Township School Board:


1. What do you think the grade configuration should be when the new high school is completed and what process would you choose to decide on the grade configuration?

2. What is the single most significant challenge facing the Montgomery School system?

3. How would you delineate the roles of the school board and the superintendent? What are the key prerequisites for an effective working relationship between the school board and the superintendent?

4. Montgomery is one of the fastest growing districts in the state. Besides facilities issues, please comment on what the implications of this growth are and ideas that you have about how best to manage and handle consequences of this growth.



3 year term; select three

The following candidates chose to answer the League questions as a group rather than individually.

Susan Edwards*

ADDRESS: 264 Grandview Drive, Skillman


EDUCATION: BA in Chemistry

OCCUPATION: Vice-President of Johnston Jewelers

CHILDREN: Twoboth graduates of Montgomery High School

William Hyncik*

ADDRESS: 62 Richmond Drive, Skillman


EDUCATION: BS in Sports Medicine; MS in Counseling and Business

OCCUPATION: Medical Administrator

CHILDREN: Four One graduated; one in High School; and two in middle school.

Linda Romano*

ADDRESS: 95 Monroe Avenue, Belle Mead


EDUCATION: Degree in Business Administration

OCCUPATION: Real Estate Brokers License

CHILDREN: Two...both graduates of Montgomery High School


1. Deciding the grade configuration for the current facilities will have a huge impact on the district. Many issues need to be addressed. Whether we move the children through each of our schools or duplicate the elementary or middle schools will create much discussion on the pros and cons of each scenario. We feel that a process can be put into place that would use the expertise of community members as well as staff and administrators in our schools. It is possible that the board could hire a consultant to train the committee to deal with the decision making process in a manner that utilizes data rather than emotion to clarify and define the issues. The timelines for starting this process have not yet been established but implementation will need to take place for the opening of the high school in September of 2003.

2. The growth of the school district has forced the school district to address current and future facility needs, program instruction and administrative structure. We feel that one challenge cannot be singled out. Our goal is to maintain our outstanding instructional program even in light of the burgeoning enrollment. However, having our high school on line by 2003 is a top priority in order to handle the number of students continually flowing into the district. We will be working on the process of seeing all the peripheral pieces fall into place as we move forward.

3. The role of the Board of Education is to set goals and determine policies needed to achieve these goals. The role of the Superintendent is to see that these goals and policies are implemented. Key to this relationship is good communication and a meeting of the minds on the needs of our students. None of us bring to the board table our personal agendas, but only the needs of the whole community. To achieve success, we expect the Superintendent to supply us with all the necessary information to make informed decisions. Having just completed the process of hiring a superintendent, we have a clear understanding of our goals and will work closely with the Superintendent to achieve them. We understand the need for the Superintendent to run the district while we see that it is well run.

4. Growth in Montgomery has not only impacted the number of seats available but the needs of each and every student that fills that seat. We have taken a hard look at our curriculum, co-curriculum, athletic and after school opportunities in each of our schools. We have added additional Whole Language offerings, advanced placement courses, inclusive learning opportunities, varied elective options and additional athletic programs. We continue to encourage our students to explore options to further their learning whether it is Science Olympiad, Band Recitals or Clubs. We have looked at the administrative structure to see that our student's educational, emotional and career goals are achieved. We have added staff to keep our class sizes down. In addition, we will continue to work with the Township to address future growth issues and their impact on our schools.