Rocky Hill Borough Council 1999



Vote Tuesday, November 2, 1999


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The League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area submitted the following three questions to all candidates for Rocky Hill Borough Council:

1. How will Route 92 affect the traffic calming program being currently developed in Rocky Hill to improve pedestrian safety and combat increasing volume, noise, speeding and pollution?

2. If additional apartments or housing is permitted in Rocky Hill, how will the current water, sewer, and roads accommodate further development?

3. What specific aesthetic and environmental plans such as trees and plantings, historic street lights, or signage, will be carried through to improve the appearance and the recognition that the center of town is a historic district?



Party: Republican

Age: 47

Address: P.O. Box 178, 158 Washington St., Rocky Hill, NJ 08553

Education: BA-Biology, Allegheny College/Trenton State College

Occupation: Supervising Public Safety Telecommunicator

Community Activities: Municipal Alliance; Shade Tree Commission; Public Safety Committee; Streets and Roads Committee; Somerset County Governing Officials Association


1. Route 92 as presently planned would terminate at State Highway 27 in the village of Kingston. This would have a serious impact on the Borough of Rocky Hill and therefore would be unacceptable. The added west bound traffic would have to be routed through the already congested roadways of Kingston, Rocky Hill and Montgomery.

2. The Borough of Rocky Hill has little space left for development, however any increase in traffic from within the borough or outside the borough, would create a strain on the already overtaxed infrastructure or roads. The borough has already allocated sufficient water and sewer capacity to address any future development.

3. The Borough Council has developed a Pedestrian Safety/Traffic Calming Plan along with the assistance of the County of Somerset. The Shade Tree Commission is continuing its plans for increased tree planting along County Route 518 in the downtown area. The streets and roads committee has designed new "Borough of Rocky Hill" signs to be placed at the entrances to the borough. The borough is presently looking into the new historic street lamps and posts for the downtown area. The lamps would enhance the historic nature of the downtown area and further identify it.


Party: Republican

No response received.