Civics Questionnaire

New Citizens September 2018

Citizenship Ceremony

The League of Women Voters-Greater Princeton Area annually attend the Citizenship Ceremony at the Princeton Public Library.

These questions are based on the citizenship tests required to become a US citizen.

1. Name your:

U.S. Senators

U.S. Representative

State Senator

State Representatives

2. Who is your mayor?

3. What are the three branches of government?

4. For how many terms may a U.S. president be elected?

5. How many justices presently serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?

6. Who is the Attorney General of the United States?

7. How many senators presently serve in the U.S. Senate?

8. How long is one term for a U.S. Senator? U.S. Representative?

9. In which congressional district do you reside?

Answers (and much more) may be found at these sites:

U.S. President

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Representatives

U.S. Senators

U.S. Attorney General

General and specific questions about the U.S. government

State Legislators

Local Government