Contribute to Vote411's Voter's Guides

Chrystal Schivell is heading LWV-GPA's effort to inform voters in the greater Princeton area through Vote411. As a citizen, you can learn more about your candidates and help others by contributing to Chrystal and Vote411's efforts.

How You Can Help Inform Your Community

(adapted from Vote411's webpage)

You have a right to know where candidates stand on the most important issues in your community. Even after multiple contacts from League volunteers across the country, some candidates have not yet answered our questions – which is why we need your help!

We’re asking you to urge your candidates to fill out the voter guide as soon as possible. The more voters who contact candidates, the more likely they are to fill it out. Here’s how you can help:

Sample Tweet: As a voter, I want to hear where my candidates stand on the issues. That’s why I’m calling on @[candidate] to respond to the @VOTE411 voter guide, so voters can be informed before casting our ballot! #LWVVoterGuide

Sample Message: Hello! I want to learn about where you stand on the issues in our community. Could you please respond to VOTE411’s voter guide as soon as possible so voters in [INSERT YOUR CITY OR STATE] can be informed before casting our ballots? Thank you.

NOTE: No part of the Voters Guides may be used in any way than can be construed as an endorsement of any person's candidacy or views by the League of Women Voters of New Jersey. Reprinting of the guides in part or in whole is not permissible without written permission of the League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area.

This is an opportunity to encourage and persuade candidates to respond, so please be respectful but direct in your messages. If you or one of the candidates you reach out to have any questions, you can contact the League's Vote411 division at

Thank you for helping us with the voter guide!

Want to Be Directly Involved in Making Questions?

Join the League of Women Voters of the Greater Princeton Area and state your interest in Vote411!