Words of wisdom from Lillian Zullow during her WPST interview about the youth vote and the 2020 election. Click here for the full story on WPST.

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Interview with Kayla Thomas, WPST, October 28, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election is less than a week away and two members from the former League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area sat down for an interview with PopCrush on PST’s Kayla Thomas to talk about all things voting!

League Leadership Board Member, Jeanne Turner, introduced 16-year-old Lilian Zullow, who founded the League of Women Voters Club at her high school, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North. Instead of wanting a new car or to go to the mall with friends Lilian said that all she wants is to “educate students about voting rights and voting literacy” so when the time comes to register, or to vote, they will know what to do! With her grandfather being a civil rights lawyer and her mom’s inspiring words of wisdom, Lilian said that she “wants to make sure everybody’s voice is heard and to make sure that everybody gets out there and vote!”

With COVID-19 changing everything we knew about voting, Lilian shared some important information about voting in-person, through the mail, and dropping off your ballots. While encouraging, people to vote from the safety of their own homes, Lily shared that the polls will be open, but make sure to bring an ID and be prepared to fill out a paper ballot, as the machines are reserved for those with disabilities. And don’t worry, if you’re nervous about strange activity with your mail-in ballot, Lily shared a hotline, 1- 866-OURVOTE, to call that can help you solve any problems.

Even though Lilian is unable to vote in this coming election, that doesn’t delude her passion. She says that you can post on social media about voting information and that “it’s important to remind everyone around you that the sooner you put in your ballot the better it is because we don’t want anyone’s vote not to be counted this year.” She reminds us how important it is to find and share resources that can help people learn about voting.

One being vote.nj.gov which also has secure ballot drop off locations in New Jersey

Vote411.org, the vote2020 site, and our very own 94.5 PST’s information.

And finally, she ended by saying “no matter how small or insignificant you think your vote is...every single vote does count” and to remember that “there are other people that you are voting for on your ballot” not just the presidential candidate. We are so glad to have sat down with this inspiring young woman.

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